O Nas


From 1980 on the market. We have been perfecting fabric print for over 40 years.

The process used to be called "film-print", where the print was created using a silken flour mesh, and the photosensitive emulsion was made from orange jelly combined with ammonium bichromate. We painted the film with ink by hand, while the squeegees used for dyeing were made from a car fender. All of our production was distributed by Society of Artists "Wzór". For 40 years we have printed on materials such as fabric, glass and plastics, as well as on small elements - tampons. We also worked with signboards and ads. We have been one of few companies creating banners for the majority of biggest companies in the country: Wedel, Pepsi, Statoil, Siemens, Bosh, Toyota, West, Onduline, Ford, Seat, OMV, Stomil Olsztyn and many other. This old, improvised and diverse experience, modern development in serigraphy and access to newest materials allow us to fulfill any order for even the most demanding of clients.